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Point of Sale Software in Dubai
Affordable Point of Sale Software

We have celebrated the 15 years of excellence and milestone achievement by offering our POS software services in more than 20 countries all around the globe. YAKUMA POS Software is the number one POS System in Dubai with its unique qualities at the most reasonable prices and user-friendly interface. It has advanced and adjustable features for latest and old versions of devices to operate. YAKUMA POS Software makes your business environment simple and easy to manage by eliminating manual activities with its automated tools. It manages different business categories and offers:

Our software supports so many kind of Industries & Stores of Dubai & help them to manage their POS operation smoothly. We supplies for Retail POS, Restaurant POS, Disco and Night Clubs POS, Shoe Stores POS, Fashion Stores POS and many more industries of Dubai. Our POS Software has impressive tools to operate and control your business activities effectively. Serving Best Quality to your business is the top most priority of YAKUMA POS Software.

YAKUMA POS Software comes with so many advanced and unique features. Our POS Software serves in so many respected industries of Dubai like:

  • General Retailers POS System
  • POS software for Grocery Store
  • Super Stores POS Software Solution
  • POS System for Shopping Malls
  • Bakery & Pastry Shops POS software
  • Best POS Restaurants / Home Delivery / Pizza Shops
  • Cafe's / Snack Bars / Tea Houses
  • Disco & Night Clubs
  • Chicken Roasters
  • Perfumery POS Software
  • Flower Shops POS System
  • Shoe Retail Stores POS
  • POS Software for Fashion Stores
  • Sports Stores POS Software
  • SPA & Health Centers Affordable POS System
  • Beauty & Hair Salons POS System
  • Furniture Showrooms POS Software
  • Mobile Phone & Accessory Shops
  • Computer Retail Store POS Machines
  • Gift Shops POS
  • Toy Stores
  • PET Stores
  • Best POS System For Ticket Stores
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POS System in Dubai, UAE
Best & Easy POS System

Every business has a primary objective to maximize its profitability by offering its best services, but sometimes, it’s difficult to manage the business activities manually. We have a wide range of Point of Sale (POS) system and software to manage and control your business activities effectively and efficiently. Our POS System enables you to achieve all of your objectives smoothly by using an automatic and user-friendly interface. We have reshaped the business environment by offering our various POS system software and hardware products like a thermal printer, thermal label printer, thermal transfer printer all over the globe but Especially in Dubai, UAE .

We have a complete POS System business management package for you to manage and control your business activities. In this package, we have included POS Computers, POS Monitors, POS Monitors with Touchscreen, Cash Drawers, Barcode Scanners gripped by the stands and many more POS Accessories and Software solutions. Your business activities will be managed and controlled by this POS System Package with the 100% efficiency, accuracy and guaranteed reliability.

    Check out our some of Best POS System Devices :

  • DATAVAN-Wonder (Spend Less for Better Value)
  • DATAVAN-Encore (Rugged & Durable. Built to Last)
  • DATAVAN-Cubee (Reliable & Affordable, Low TCO Guaranteed)
  • DATAVAN-Arc (Space-Saving, All-in-one Design)
  • DATAVAN-Tango (Enhance Customer Experience)
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Thermal Printer

Thermal Printers in Dubai

These kinds of Printers are being operated by a chemical treatment which is the result of applying printhead heat to the material surface. These printers are very cost effective because there is no need of any ribbon, tonner or ink to use in the printing process. These always give best results. Even though these can’t be used for a long time but these are very beneficial and cost effective in case of short time printing.

We offer several kinds of printers like:

  • Thermal Label Printer
  • Thermal Printer HP
  • Thermal Transfer Printer

These give accurate and best quality results within the prompt processing time.

We offer listed bellow models of Printers with the most advances and innovative features at the affordable prices:

  • Pegasus PTM-300 Dot Matrix Printer
  • Epson TM-U220 Impact Receipt Printer
  • Epson TM88IV Thermal Receipt Printer
  • Pegasus PTM-3045J Dot Matrix Printer
  • Pegasus PTM-200 Thermal Receipt Printer
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Barcode Printers in Dubai

If you are searching for a large and open collection and assortment of the fine-quality of Barcodeprinters, you can stop your struggle and simply contact and select any kind of Barcode-Printer having advanced specifications and applications

We offer wide variety of direct thermal and transfer printing methods to the different sectors of mobile, industrial, desktop and wristband-printers. Its your won choice to buy direct thermal or thermal-transfer barcode labels, RFID-tags, Ribbons and other things like shipping-labels which are commonly operated. We offer you the rare and customized sizes of labels specifically for your business applications. Our priority is the quality of the products which never can be compromised at all.

You can select & purchase any of the listed below product at the most reasonable prices like:

  • G-Series GC Desktop Printers
  • G-Series GK Desktop Printers
  • G-Series GX Desktop Printers
  • 2824 Plus Series Desktop Printers
  • Pegasus BP-4001 Barcode Printer
  • Pegasus BP-4001E Barcode Printer
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barcode scanner dubai

Barcode Scanners in Dubai

We are offering our innovative and latest featured barcode scanner because we are the best barcode printer suppliers in Dubai, UAE. We offer you the perfect barcode scanner to satisfy the increasing demands of your business. We have a complete package of industrial Barcode scanners. Our Barcode scanner have the ability to read 1D, 2D and QR-Codes. Our Barcode reader are compatible with Android, iPhone and iPad. We have a wide selection of different products like LASER, Universal Serial Bus, Bluetooth, Cord-less, Portable-Devices, Wire-less, Hand-held ad smart phone barcode-scanners.

We have a wide range and different types of barcode scanner for you like:

  • Barcode Scanner
  • Barcode Scanner Price Checker
  • Barcode Inventory Scanner
  • Industrial Barcode Scanner
  • Retail Barcode Scanner
  • QR Barcode Scanner

Following are some models which we really recommend you to consider while you’re looking for barcode scanners:

  • Zebra SYMBOL DS6700 1D/2D
  • Zebra LS1203-HD
  • Zebra SYMBOL DS4308
  • Sbarco LS800 Barcode Scanner
  • Zebra LI2208
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Cash Drawers in Dubai

Managing and safe keeping of cash is the most sensitive activity and job in any kind of business venture. Cash is the most sensitive and liquid asset of the business. So, it requires more attention to manage the cash carefully. We do care of your cash considering it the most important and sensitive part of your business by offering you the best designed and equipped small cash drawers.

Our tie-up with reliable vendors in the market help us in offering a wide range of POS Cash Drawer to our clients at reasonable prices.

Our small cash drawers manage your cash separately and smoothly because it has a flexible and innovative design.

We can provide you the different type of cash drawers as per your requirements and price range. You can order these kind of drawers:

  • Small Drawers
  • Safe Cash Drawers
  • Latest and flexible Small cash drawers
  • POS Drawers
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thermal printer dubai

Thermal Roll in Dubai

Point of Sale Tech is the best source and POS System among the best POS System and software companies on Dubai. POS Tech offers both standard finishes as well as in customized options including with support for both side printing in single/multicolor as per the specific demands of the customers. These offer a compete backend-support to the users in the various aspects like edata capture. We offer a large variety of type, sizes of the thermal-roll charging the most reasonable and affordable prices. and colors We have a wide range of colors, types and sizes of thermal roll at the reasonable and affordable prices. We have different length and width of thermal roll to satisfy your business and individual needs.


  • Designed by using carbon-less thermal paper to satisfy the requirements of the customers.
  • Useful in using the retail-stores
  • Hotel & Restaurant etc
  • Various colors and sizes range.
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Buy Affordable POS Software in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman and anywhere in Dubai, is at the distance of just a few clicks with our assistance. is offering advanced and Innovative POS Software at the most affordable and lowest prices in Dubai for the expansion of your business to next level with our POS Management system.

About Us: We introduced our advanced and unique Point of Sale Software in 2013 to make fantastic online shopping experience in the UAE. We started to offer all the categories of point of sale software and products at the reasonable prices as per the latest trends. We have shared the burden of business management activities by offering Point of sale software services. We offer user-friendly, prompt, secure & safest, innovative and advanced featured POS software products and services at a single click.

Products: We have a wide range of Point of Sale Software and related products. Our priority is to offer best quality point of sale software and products like:
POS Touch Monitors, , Cash Register Machine , Barcode Pinter , Receipt Printer , Barcode Reader , Cash Drawers , Pole Display , Consumables

You may also shop the products of these brands: EPSON, , ZEBRA TECHNOLOGY , HONEY WELL , HP (Hewlett-Packard) , FUJITSU

We deal in all kind of products which are the most trending, latest, useful and unique in nature.

We offer a unique type of the most appealing and your favorite brands available in the market.

Offers: We are one of the most preferred & first choice POS software service stores in UAE. It is our value proposition to offer the products loaded with the latest features and tools. We offer you a wide variety of products or services as per your requirements. Price doesn’t matter when quality makes you satisfy.

Products and services which no one offer in the market. We have a strong customer base with thousands of satisfied, repeated and loyal customers.